Term 3 mid v1

Welcome to your Term 3 mid v1


1- Translate the sentences to English: (30 points)

    1. دو تا از دانش آموزان موفق دیگر دارند یک مکالمه را تمرین می کنند.

    1. سنگینترین میز طبقه بالا بلندترینشان است.

    1. قبل از اینکه به دنیا بیایم تعداد زیادی ساختمان ساخته شده بود که بیشترشان الان بی استفاده هستند.

    1. مهمانی که تعداد زیادی از دوستان من به آن دعوت شده بودند روز جمعه برگزار شد.

    1. چند سیب توسط چند دانش آموز در حال خورده شدن هستند. بقیه دارند چی میخورند؟

2- Answer the following questions in English (11 points)

(I) What is the difference between He is selfish and He is being selfish?



(II) Explain the usage of "to whom" and make an example.

3- New Words: (10 points)


1.    Descendant:

2.    Exultant:

3.    Impetuous:

4.    Amiable:

5.    Devious:

6.    Delusion:

7.    Complacent:

8.    Apparatus:

9.    Hit the ceiling:


5- Write the correct word for the definitions below: (10 points)

  1. Using money carefully and wisely: T………….

  2. 2. Not affected by something, or not having to do it or pay it: E…………..

  3. 3. Something you do to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening: P…………..

  4. 4. To talk about something you enjoy or admire in an excited way: R……………

  5. Clearly refusing to do what someone tells you to do: D…………..

  6. Relating to a god or religion: S……………..

  7. Having qualities considered to be typical of men or of what men do: M……………

  8. All thumbs: C……………..

  9. A very strong belief or opinion: E…………..

  10. An event or situation that might happen in the future, especially one that could cause problems: C………………

6- Speaking:

Please answer the questions below ( Please write your answer the boxes below) (6 points)


Describe an important choice you had to make in your life


Describe a job that you like to do in the future


Describe the member of your family who is the most successful

7- Please send us a recording of you reading pages 123, 56 drill D and 59 drill D on telegram for us. (9 points)

Describe an idea you had for improving something at work or college.
You should say:

When and where you had your idea What your idea was
Who you told about your idea

And explain why you thought your idea would make an improvement.


Describe an open-air or street Market which you enjoyed visiting. You should say:

Where the market is What the market sells How big the market is

And explain why you enjoyed visiting This market.


8-Please write the short story and movie listening answers in the box below:

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