Term 2 mid v1

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1- Translate the sentences to English: (30 points)

1.هیچ کس کلاهی را که تو الان پوشیده ای دوست ندارد.

2.عموی سارا قصد دارد تعداد کمی قالب صابون بخرد.

3.آیا دانش اموزان زیادی مریض بودند؟ نه دانش اموزان زیادی مریض نبودند.

4.من جمعه گذشته مقداری پول خرج کردم. اما از ان موقع تا حالا هیچ پولی خرج نکردهام.

5.جان همه سوال ها را به دقت جواب داد چون خیلی درس خوانده بود..
6.دیروز قبل از اینکه اتو بوس بیاید من 20 دقیقه در ایستگاه منتظر بودم.

2- (I) Explain the usage of "Present perfect continuous" and make an example and explain it: (11 points)


(II) Explain the usage of "any" in this positive sentence: " You can take any Buses. They all go to the center. "

3- New Words: (10 points)







7.Smell a rat:



10.For the birds:

5- Write the correct word for the definitions below: (10 points)

1.A job that needs a high level of education and training:

2.an organization or institution, especially a business, shop etc.:

3.To take someone else’s child into your family for a period of time but without becoming their legal parent:

4.The long thin part of a plant, from which leaves, flowers, or fruit grow:

5.If you fuel a vehicle or if it fuels up, fuel is put into it:

6.Someone whose job is to check that people have not parked their cars illegally:

7.Animals and plants growing in natural conditions:

8.The time when something or someone is best, greatest, highest, most successful etc.:

9.To make someone feel slightly angry and unhappy about something:

10. A sudden strong feeling of fear or nervousness


6- Please send us a recording of you reading pages 59 exercise 1, page 53 exercise 2, page 46 exercise 2 on telegram for us. (9 points)


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