Term 2 fin v1

Welcome to your Term 2 fin v1


1- Translate the sentences to English: (30 points)

1.پل اخیرا دبیرستان را تمام کرده بنابراین باید ۱۸ سالش باشد.

2.دانش آموزان صدای چه کسی را شنیدند؟

3.جان الان در مکزیک است. او هفته پیش کجا بود؟

4.ما الان منتظر چه چیزی هستیم؟

5.هلن اجازه ندارد امشب به خانه مری برود.

 Translate the sentence into English and make every possible Wh-question and provide short answer for them:

مردم نباید کاغذ را در پیاده رو پرت کنند.

2- Answer the following questions in English (11 points)

(I) What is the difference between gone to and been to in the sentences below?

He has gone to Italy.

He has been to Italy.


(II) Explain the usage of "past perfect continuous" and make an example.

3- New Words: (10 points)




















10.Rome wasn't built in a day:


5- Write the correct word for the definitions below: (10 points)


1.To attack someone and rob them in a public place:


2.Hot under the collar:


3.To allow something to happen, especially by an official decision, rule, or law:


4.A small object that produces a high whistling sound when you blow into it:


5.To feel sorry about something you have done and wish you had not done it:


6.A piece of equipment that makes very loud warning sounds, used on police cars, fire engines etc.:


7.To arrange for a place in a hotel, restaurant, plane etc. To be kept for you to use at a particular time in future:


8.Written or printed clearly enough for you to read:


9.To improve something:


10. Well known for being bad or evil


6- Speaking:


Please answer the questions below like the booklet (4 points)


1- Do you find it easy to keep in contact with friends? why or why not?


2- Whom do you get along better with, your mother or your father?


Answer the question below with your own information: (2 points)


3- How does you father look like

7- Please send us a recording of you reading pages 133 exercise 1-1, page 95 exercise 4, page 95 exercise 3 on telegram for us. (9 points)



8- Please send a recording of "the monkey's paw" in two minutes to the teacher. (12 points)



9- Please write the last sentences you hear in the short story listening exam. (12 points)


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