Term 1 fin v1

Welcome to your Term 1 fin v1


1- Make the sentences negative and use subjective pronouns in your sentence: (8 points)


 1) the police are talking to the people in the street.


 2) The class is going to have an exam next week.


 3) My daughter grew up in the United States.

 4) The knife was on the shelf.

2- Change the sentences below into questions and use subjective pronouns in them: (8 points)


1) Mrs. Smith's son is having dinner now.


2) The books fell on the floor yesterday.


3) the weather was cold.

4) John and you are going to be busy on Friday.

3- Explain the difference between "He is selfish" and "He is being selfish": (11 points)


Explain the usage of "will" in the four different situations.

4 - New words: (20 points)


     1- Spell


     2- Refuse


     3- Gym


     4- Gas station


     5- Enormous


     6- Definitely


     7- Huge


     8- Remedy


     9- Forecast


     10- Surf


     11- To leave, especially when you are starting a journey


     12- The large window at the front of the car, bus etc...


     13- A vegetable with long pale green stems that you can eat cooked or uncooked


     14- Tidy and carefully arranged


     15- Very bad or of a bad quality


     16- The final result of a meeting, discussion, war etc


     17- Very happy or likely to make people very happy


     18- The way you feel at a particular time


     19-To become less or go down to a lower level, or to make something do this


     20- A copy of a valuable object, painting etc that is intended to deceive people



5- Translate the sentences below (8 points)

ما سه بار در هفته نقاشی می کشیم.

ممکن است از شما خواهش کنم با مداد بنویسید.

باب داشت تلویزیون تماشا می کرد که تلفن زنگ زد.

آنها فنجان های قهوه هستند.

6- complete the conversations. you answers must be complete sentences. (10 points)


     1) a: When is your birthday?


         b: ......................................


         a: what are you going to do then?

         b: ......................................


         a: Are you going to order a cake?


         b: ...................................


         a: ....................................

         b: Yes, I'd be glad to.

12- Short story listening: (15 points)


please write the last sentence of each listening file in telegram channel here:

13- Please send us a recording of you reading pages 99 Drill G, 87, 68 on telegram for us. (10 points)


14- Please send us a recoding of you giving a summary of the second part of Pele in 2 minutes. (10 points)

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