Group and Private Classes for Managers, with Unique Services


Nowadays, companies and major conglomerates have all understood the huge importance of having multi-lingual employees on their payroll. Most of them frequently hold language classes and labs for their employees to get them to a standard level of understanding of a certain language. However, for a manager to get his/her employees to achieve that, he/she must at least have a basic knowledge of the language him/herself.

In Iran, you can’t go much wrong with knowing a little bit of English, but if you are the manager of a firm or company, you have to aim higher than that. You must go through the rigorous task of acquiring a new language yourself, and then usher your workers in with a much clearer view of the road ahead.

At MIE Institute, we have thought of everything to make your experience learning a new language a special one. We have come up with several convenient ways to make your learning as easy and efficient as possible, one of which being the possibility of attending your classes in the comfort of your own office to cut down on your commute, which is a vital matter for a person running a company.