MIE Institute Presents: English Courses on Skype

In today’s world of innovation and technology, the need to commute and travel for daily chores and responsibilities is at an all-time low; you can pay your bills, shop, and tend to your career duties online. Now, there is the possibility to go to classes and learn, from the comfort of your own home.

At MIE Institute, we have been constantly trying to find new ways to provide our students with the most advanced methods of learning, and we are happy to announce that our online English courses have been launched, and you can enroll today!

Learning materials used at MIE Institute are the result of years of meticulous study and research, in order to perfect the best methods of language acquisition, and now you can reach all of that with the touch of a button; you can be in the presence of one of our teachers in a matter of seconds, and go through your course with the comfort of knowing you cannot possibly miss any subject with an instructor at your side. You will be able to work on almost all of the areas of your language with the same yield and efficiency that you would in a real class, without all the inconveniences of physically being in class.

MIE comes up with a NEW method again!!!

The tried and true and efficient method used in MIE for English learning has been growing ever more popular that our students are not limited to merely Iran anymore.

Iranians all over the world have become acquainted with our teaching method (which is designed particularly for Persian speaking people who are in want of learning English in whatever time span they need) through our clients who have immigrated through our institute. It has been a while since we are receiving calls and emails from different parts of the world asking whether or not it is possible that we teach them form long distance. Since it is the greatest honor to serve the Iranians, no matter which part of the world they live in, we decided to work out a method to their enthusiastic request. We decide to adjust our techniques so they can be applicable to the distant learners as well, and the good news is MIE came up with something with the same quality as our classes in Iran.

Now it is possible for you to have classes with MIE regardless to   what country you live in. you can now take our class on Skype with our best teachers and received the desired service with the quality you have longed for.