English courses

Beginner to IELTS

To pass the English courses and take part in IELTS exam, one should take careful and precise actions. For passing this exam and getting the desired score, we should take some very important but delicate points into consideration, one of which is having a satisfactory level of General English.

Choosing an English course which can help improve the level of learner’s knowledge of English requires a careful consideration. Malekpour Institute of Elites is one of the top Institutes for providing you with a good method. In MIE, through educated and experienced teachers, we have paved the way for learner’s to gain the required knowledge and skills for passing IELTS exam in a limited amount of time.

Passing this course which is called SIC can be very beneficial both for IELTS and for other ends of learning English. This course contains all the required material needed by the learner, and it is also based on both American and British accent.

This course, for considering the particular needs of the learners and their limited time, is exclusively unique.  A course plan can be concluded based on their needs and limited amount of time they have, hence the desired result will be obtained.

Careful planning according to the time and need of the learner is indeed the key to reach the learning goals which has been given a special importance in MIE. It is through careful study planning that one can successfully obtain the desired needs, and the experienced teachers of MIE can help you towards this end.

The course is comprised of 7 terms each of which will take a month. The learner should pass at least three terms to be qualified for starting IELTS skill classes. Through passing these terms and taking every feedback from the teachers and fulfilling all the assigned tasks, one can easily get the desired score in IELTS exam. The method embedded in this course is based on the fact that learner should learn second language just like the first language, first through listening and understanding fully then speaking.

The abovementioned course can be held as private classes based on the needs and the time of the learner. In this case, time factor can be easily noticed. The exclusive difference between MIE and other methods is focusing on listening skill which has been very popular among the students, for they can notice the fast pacing improvement. At the same time grammar skills are practiced and mastered besides speaking skills. This will happen only through guidelines and feedback from the teacher. In many other institutes, movies and short stories are included in the curriculum. But we work on these two materiasl in a different and most practical way to get the most out of it.