What MIE Provides for Employees and Employers


Learning a second language in today’s world of communication is of paramount importance, but the busy lifestyles of most of us won’t allow for such a thing. If you are an employee looking to learn a new language but are frustrated with the long and inconvenient process in most institutes, or an employer looking to invest in the future of your company by getting your employees the language education that they need, look no further.

MIE Institute uses a variety of materials and methods that have stood the test of time, and have been carefully researched and studied, thus we can be sure of the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning process, based on the window that you have available.

At MIE Institute, there are two kinds of classes; private and term-based. The term-based classes are scheduled to take place every day from 5:30, to insure their availability and convenience for students and employees, so that they would be able to attend them after work.