MIE began its programs with a limited stuff at first, and with the wide acceptance of students, employees, university professors and other social strata , considering  the teaching methods used in this courses we decided to attempt to improve the educational environment, first as a branch in the Office – Commercial  Tower Samarghand- west  of Tehran. Then increasing two and three branches there, we are somewhat able to meet the needs of students. This intensive course is unique in Iran and is brought form the UK into Iran by the founder of this collection, Mr. Malekpour. It is placed at the top of the most familiar institutes in Iran due to its supreme language courses. The dynamic courses linked to abroad directly, using the new books instead of the old books has outpaced to its numerous competitors dramatically. The books in this institute are the same as teaching sources of known universities such as Cambridge and Michigan which has caused the students of other institutes to be attracted, and to reach the target increasing the four skills of WRITING, READING, LISTENING and SPEAKING, owning the newest methods and native professors is proud to hold the courses in many years. And many learners could achieve the required score to entry to reputable universities in the world. Awards won by students is based to coherent planning by measuring the level of English Language about individuals that defines the course targets and the length of educational courses and also leads the students no need to a total dependence on the teacher.

Course Description

The importance of educational method especially in learning foreign languages is definitely obvious for everyone. Thus choosing the scientific, accurate, up-to-date and effective way at low cost is really important.

We are proud of MIE because of the most scientific and contemporary method in teaching English.

The way which has been accepted during these years and known as Super Intensive Course (SIC) was imported and localized by Professor Malekpour from England that has a more unique feature than changing current methods as following:

  • Constant updating of method is one of the most significant and obvious of the effective and up-to-date approach.
  • Teaching all skills: to be able to speak a foreign language fluently and accurately, to listen and easily understanding, to read and comprehend, and finally to write it correctly you should learn that properly.
  • Teaching two common accents of English i.e. British and American. So, you are taught British English at the beginning of semesters and then move on to American one, and to be successful in IELTS which is one of the main goals of people who attend in these classes, learning both, are very important and mandatory.
  • In addition to necessary knowledge for learning English, this course includes full and proper training of IELTS techniques so that at the end of semester 7, it is expected that the applicant can easily pass the IELTS exam and with this regard we are the only institution that guarantee up to Band Score 6 in Academic Module. This will be happened by relying on fully experienced teachers and lecturers with highly level of knowledge and using novel methods in teaching of IELTS Skills and of course focusing on modern educational concepts completely.

By holding group and private classes, IELTS teachers of this institute prepare the possibility for applicants to achieve this goal at the early and convenient way.