Improving listening skill


Improving listening skill is very significant because being master at this skill can cause: customer satisfaction, more efficiency, fewer mistakes, promote the exchange of information in workplace that will lead to innovation and creativity in the workplace. Because of these reasons top employers of corporations organized many training courses for their employees in order to improve this skill and our institution is pleased to provide many specialized courses. Furthermore our students in the least time can gain highest band score in IELTS which is required careful planning by our expert department. There are some IELTS test report forms in our website gallery that you can visit.


This test consists of 4 sections, and each section has 10 questions. Answering to questions of each section needs specific techniques that are completely covered in our classes, but for getting a high score techniques are not sufficient. Special exercises are given to the students to achieve adequate proficiency and ability. For instance, note that listening and hearing are different. Hearing is just the sounds that reach your ears but listening needs concentration. How to guess the related word that we could not hear and what is the difference between comprehension and listening every single word? And what should be done to have a strong comprehension? All is included in our training syllabus. We firstly start with short stories so that you can repeat every sentence after listening it. Now imagine that the level of stories and number of words will increase by passing terms. Then we start working on movie and with specialized trainings make you prepared to work on techniques.

Time management is one of the main techniques, because you will not gain good result when you do not have enough time to read questions, understand them and detect what should be written in the blanks or how to choose one of the options. Not that we cannot assign separate time foe each task. Now our experience and special planning will help you to handle listening part of IELTS.

In the first section more than one speaker will talk about renting or buying a flat, university enrollment and so on. In the second part we listen to a speech by a speaker which is like a radio interview. In the third part it is even possible to have more than two speakers and forth part consists of an academic text and only one speaker. At the end of the exam the student will have 10 minutes to transfer answers to an answer sheet and even in this part there are some points which are worth paying full attention.

The following table shows the number of correct answers and related band score:

Band Score 9 8.5 8 7.5 7 6.5 6 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5


39-40 37-38 35-36 32-34 30-31 26-29 23-25 18-22 16-17 13-15 10-12 8-10 6-7 4-5