First step of learning English


How to start learning language?

The importance of learning English in today developed world is so obvious. So we should recognize a good learning method and act. Having a purpose and motivation in learning all of the subjects is important. And learning language is not exempt from this .Due to the increasing desires to study or live in another country, learning English plays an important role. MIE Institute aware of this issue will help you by its experienced teachers and unique method.

There are some procedures for learning English that are useful for learner.

First consider clear goal for yourself. Having a clear purpose will help you when you are discouraged and disappointed. it will recall the intense motivation and a positive feeling in you, and in fact provide the necessary fuel for the rest of the way.

After determining the goal you should try to find the best and the most useful training method to reach to your goal as soon as possible. You must learn English from knowledgeable and experienced teachers, because they paved the path for you.

The next step is to have a clear plan and covering it with patience and motivation. At first you should focus on increasing the power of listening. As you know we’ve only listened to the sounds around ourselves at birth, and then we used to say. Inputs should be enough to get the proper output.

Therefore, successful and hardworking teachers in MIE with regard to this issue offer a method that Emphasis on increasing the power of audio and simultaneously learn both English and American accents. For this reason and by considering knowledge of learners, educational books and numerous short stories and words are intended.

At first the students will be asked that stick words in their mind by their attendance in class and repeating the example and making their own sentences. Moreover, with increasing levels advanced skills will be added.

We pay attention to the learners because time and goal is very important for MIE department. Since learning language needs a lot of time, may cause disappointment and frustration. Teachers with knowledge of this matter and by using of the constant pursuit help the students in their goals.