English language training and test preparation for IELTS:

Private and Termic classes in MIE are the best starting point for learning English. MIE is keen to boost students’ confidence by holding Training classes on four different skills such as: Listening, Speaking, reading and Writing and also teach you how to communicate in English. Furthermore, with the benefit of Professional IELTS teachers and considerable experience in language teaching, MIE can assist the students to reach their goals and desired scores.

IELTS exam:

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and tests someone’s skill in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Particularly someone who wants to study or work in an English country. IELTS exam consists of two types: Academic and General. Those who are going to study abroad will participate in Academic IELTS exam. Moreover, they require academic degrees in case they work in a company. Hence in MIE students will be trained how to prepare themselves for IELTS exam.


listening part has a limited amount of time to answer the questions and transfer them to the answer sheet. The amount of time taken by the candidates in IELTS exam to answer the questions is 30 minutes and 10 minutes to transfer them to the answer sheet which it has a combined total of 40 minutes.

Each of 4 sections begins with a summary of the subject and then there will be time for the students to look at questions and read the instructions and prepare themselves to answer the questions. Despite the fact that there is no time in the mid-section four, opportunities exists for the students in the middle of the first 3 sections.


Academic reading part consists of 3 passages. Each one which is followed by 13 or 14 questions has an overall total of 40 questions with 1 hour to answer the question. In General Reading exam, passages are shorter and they could even be until five.

The score of number of correct answers out of 40 questions is provided in the following table:

Number of correct answers Score
20 5.5
25 6
28 6.5
30 7
33 7.5
35 8
38 8.5
40 9



Writing exam consists of two parts. In Task 1 the candidate explains a chart, diagram, graph or process within 20 minutes with at least 150 words. In Task 2 which lasts 40 minutes one article with at least 240 words must be written.


Speaking exam consists of 3 parts. In part one the examiner will ask you some questions about the topic such as: Family, job, education, entertainment and so on. The second part is a topic which the candidate has the opportunity to think about it for a minute and then talk about it for 2 minutes. Eventually, in the last part there are some questions and answers between the examiner and the candidate. Maybe the questions are related to the second part.

IELTS tutor:

Experienced and expert tutors in MIE with IELTS band score of 8 or more hold IELTS classes in your desired place. Immigration applicants, university students, graduated university students and college students who plan to attend various international conferences with in and outside the country will have the full benefit of our facilities. Our IELTS tutors are eager to boost students’ confidence by preparing some mock IELTS exams and then solving their Problems.

IELTS practice:

The IELTS exam modules are designed to give IELTS candidates an idea of if their English is at the required level. The ability of candidates is assessed by regular tests which are held in MIE, then IELTS results reported and special exercises arranged to improve their skills. Therefore they overcome difficulties and their weaknesses that they could hardly stand and also their schedule pursued by our skillful tutors.

TOEFL exam:

TOEFL stands for test of English as a foreign language. TOEFL exam is for those whose first language is not English and intend to enroll in the universities in America. Unlike old TOEFL exam which emphasis on grammar the new one covers all the language skills.

Internet based test:

TOEFL IBT is a 4-hour exam which consists of 4 sections. All of which assess the language skills. During the exam candidates allowed to make notes.

Reading TOEFL:

Reading part consist of 4-6 passages, one of which will take approximately 700 words and also some questions designed for each text that should be answered in the exam. Subjects which are included in this part are academic and include topics that might be found in academic tests.

Listening TOEFL:

Listening part consists of 6 texts; each of them lasts 3 to 5 minutes long. There are 2 conversations and 4 lectures in this part and test takers hear each lecture or conversation only once. They are also allowed to take notes during the listening part of TOEFL exam. 5 questions designed for each conversation and 6 questions for academic discussion as well.

Speaking TOEFL:

Speaking part consists of 6 tasks. Candidates’ answers to subjects in two independent parts should be clear, relevant and coherent and also they read a short text and listen to an academic lecture or a conversation about accommodation on campus. Then they answer a question about what they have heard by combining the information. Thereafter the candidates’ ability is measured. There are some assessment criteria such as:  transmitting information from the text that they read and heard. They will be given a short time to prepare themselves for speaking test.

Writing TOEFL:

Writing exam consists of 2 parts. During the first part called integrated the candidate reads an academic text and listens to a person talking about the same topic. Then they write a summary about the important things and explain how it is related to the key points.

In the second part of the writing test named independent the candidate writes an article that expresses their opinion on the subject.

Typing skills are important in this part.

Test score in TOEFL IBT:

This score is calculated from (0-120). One score from 0-30 is allocated to each of the four sections. To determine the total score 4 parts have to be summed up.

Linking TOEFL IBT scores to IELTS scores


























Paper based test (IBT):

This test consists of 4 sections which are described in details. Its score is valid for 2 years.


The exam lasts 30-40 minutes and consists of 3 parts. There are 30 questions in the first part, all if which are from short conversations and 8 questions from longer questions. Eventually, 12 questions in the last part from a lecture.

Structure and writing expressions:

A text with 15 exercises is designed to assess the candidates’ ability. Sentences will be completed by them and they will be given credit for using the grammar right and also 25 exercises in order to realize their problems in English. 25 minutes is allocated to this part.