The differences of SIC course with other available methods in learning English language


Definitely the most important affective parameter in learning all subjects and not only English language is the method of doing that, and therefore choosing an efficient and yet fast method is really significant. As you know, there are lots of different methods for learning English and other languages which are designed according to needs of different kinds of people with different range of goals, capability and even the amount of study time. But unfortunately the methods which have being taught in our country do not have adequate quality to reach the goals and that is because these methods are old and unscientific, and they are not matched the latest scientific findings by linguists and researchers.

Due to shortage of proper teaching methods, the institutes which used old methods were able to attract students. Fortunately in recent years by the usage of latest technology and educated people in abroad, new methods have been introduced for learning English language which one of the most effective and updated is super intensive course or SIC which was imported by Dr. Malekpour and is presented only by Malekpour Institute of Education (MIE).

This course has lots of differences with the other available courses and we can mention it as a revolution in English language teaching. The first and the most important difference between SIC method and other methods is the thorough attention to all four skills in a language which are mostly neglected by the other methods. Unfortunately some methods have too emphasis on conversation, however, without having ability of listening, having a perfect conversation or speaking skill is not possible. How can we expect output when it does not have enough input or even sometimes there is no input?

Another main important difference of these courses, is its highly intensive period of time, yet having high quality which has being used less in the other methods by English language institutes. Regarding studying in the other institutes, you faced long term courses which take several years, and at the end not only there will be no international qualification but also the students are not prepared to take these exams and even they are not able to handle their daily routine in English. In SIC students after taking 7 terms are prepared either taking IELTS exam or living and educating in an English language country. Achieving these goals is so attainable that these courses guarantee score of 6 at academic module of IELTS. Of course this is the minimum result which students gain by the usage of SIC and in order to prove this claim there are some selected photos of what students of SIC achieved in the gallery of this site. Including all the IELTS skills besides of necessary general skills, are essential for both taking IELTS exam and living and educating in an English language country, which is another noticeable point of these courses. It is worth mentioning that these 7 terms take time a bit more than 7 months.

One of the unique features of these courses is teaching and working on both British and American accents which unfortunately other English institutes neglect this important factor. At first British accent is taught and then after third term it is possible to teach American accent. We teach these accents completely systemic and principled based on the latest books and methods which are designed and taught in universities such as Cambridge, accent is one of the most important instruments for communication because without it you cannot speak beautifully and it sounds like a robot.

Of course there are lots of other differences which are worth mentioning and in order to be informed you can call the institute and benefit from consultation of our experts freely.



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