According to the studies carried out by the Oxford University scholars, the most effective method for teenagers and even adults for learning a new language follows the same process as an infant acquiring its first.

As a newborn starts familiarizing itself with language, it goes through 4 phases; it first listens, then speaks, then goes on to read, and finally starts writing.

The major problem that most English institutes and colleges face is that they start off with the wrong method and continue the flawed structure as well. They depend heavily on textbooks, and this leads only to visual learning, which is actually the third station that they should arrive at. This cuts on the efficiency with which the student should naturally advance, and could result in frustration on the part of the pupil, because they have skipped the first two steps.

What MIE Offers

At MIE Institute, we offer you the same treatment that a newborn receives. The only difference is that we do it much faster!

We have gathered our methods from numerous high quality academic sources. We start our course concentrating mainly on listening. The students listen and repeat so much that it becomes an integral part of their learning. To achieve this, we have several tools at our disposal, one of the most important being short stories, which train the ears as well as the tongue.

On the next level, we introduce movie courses to the mix, which will subsequently involve the eye in the process of learning.

After the initial stages, listening courses will continue on a more advanced level, and we put more focus on speaking. This will happen in a friendly and responsive atmosphere, insuring the efficiency of learning. Thus, the most important words, expressions, and collocations are conveyed in a practical way.

We then work on reading and writing skills, both in a general and an academic sense, once the speaking and listening skills are up to speed. To achieve this, we employ material from several highly regarded sources, including the Cambridge Press series.