Term 3 fin v1

Welcome to your Term 3 fin v1


1- Translate the sentences to English: (30 points)

  1. تعداد کمی از ان جمله های کوتاه دیگر نباید برای دانش آموزان سخت با شد.


  1. معلم صمیمی طبقه پایین به سختی بلند صحبت می کند.


  1. دانش آموزان یه عالمه نمره گرفتند که هیچ کدام از آن ها متقاعد کننده نبودند.


  1. یکی از شاگردانم که پدرش مدیر یک مدرسه است به من کمک کرد که شغلی را پیدا کنم.



  1. یه دانش آموز باهوش داره به سوالات معلم به درستی پاسخ می دهد. بقیه دانش آموزان دارند چه کار می کنند؟

2- Answer the following questions in English (11 points)

(I) What is the difference between He is selfish and He is being selfish?



(II) Explain the usage of "to whom" and make an example.

3- New Words: (10 points)

1.        Complacent:

2.        Betray:

3.        unanimous:

4.        Mend:

5.        Gracious:

6.        Corpulent:

7.        Hive:

8.        Petition:

9.        Bite the dust:

10. Horse of a different color:

5- Write the correct word for the definitions below: (10 points)

  1. Very happy or proud, because you have succeeded in doing something:E

  2. 2. To fully enjoy a time or experience:S

  3. 3. Friendly and easy to like:A

  4. 4. Doing things in a secret and often unfair way:S

  5. A disease can be passed from person to person by touch:C

  6. Several mental or physicalsuffering: T

  7. Great courage especially in war: V

  8. To punish someone or treat them unfairly:P

  9. To begin something: C

  10. Permission to do something: C

6- Speaking:


Please answer the questions below (6 points)



  1. Describe an important choice you had to make in your life




  1. Describe a job that you like to do in the future



  1. Describe the member of your family who is the most successful

7- Please send us a recording of you reading pages 122, 123 and 59 on telegram for us. (15 points)








8- Please send a recording of the questions below for at least 2 minutes on telegram. (18 points)

Describe a tourist trip that you have been on which you particularly enjoyed. You should say:

Where you went
Why you took the trip
What you remember most about the trip

And explain why you particularly enjoyed this trip.





Describe a time when you were asked to give your opinion in a questionnaire or survey
You should say:

What the questionnaire/survey was about Why you were asked to give your opinions What opinions you gave

And explain how you felt about giving your opinions in this questionnaire/survey.

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