What is the difference between MIE in-person classes and online classes?


In our modern world which is full of different technologies, need for learning English language is really essential and effective, and such as the other important tasks we have to invest and attempt hardly to replace the old methods with new and efficient ones in order to achieve the desired result. Learning in a short period of time and participating in beneficial classes can lead students to reach to their goals sooner. Due to the heavy workload and lack of the time for people working in different levels, using online classes is one of the best methods which there is no need to be personally in classroom and just by the usage of a high speed internet you can take advantage of expert teachers and their guidance. Participating in different classes and being confident about the right and efficient method provide comfort in people to spend their time and money to learn English effectively with a clear mind. One of the institutes offering this type of training is Malekpour institute of education (MIE) which by considering students’ situation provides this type of classes. Attending online classes is as effective as in-person classes that are only possible by the usage of Skype. Nowadays, this type of education is very helpful for people who are really busy or have difficulty with commute or difficulty with distance. There are people who cannot attend classes because of living in another city or country and this when we find online classes really helpful.

We pay lots of attention on important parts as the in-person classes that we emphasize the points which are neglected in other institutes. The high turn-out of online classes is because of the quality of them which is the same as in-person classes and you do not need to physically participate in classroom. English learners benefit from online classes as the same as in-person classes. Holding online classes through Skype are only possible by using the special method of MIE which you do not need to read the book at the time of teaching, and students can learn English in a really different and delightful way and independently of books.

Repetition and emphasis on listening and speaking makes the distance learning easy and tangible. In these classes students have main books and stories that make them able to communicate fluently in situation, besides there are a vocabulary book according to their level, which in higher levels they are more academic and they are really practical for people who want to live and work in an English language country. This unique approach has attracted many students from all over the world, and this fact is just possible by the constant effort of our highly expert teachers who always try to update their knowledge and finding the most effective way to improve English learners’ knowledge.

In order to achieve the goals and make our clients satisfy, MIE is always trying to offer solutions to help English learners.