Ways of improving speaking skill


Developing speaking skills are very vital and necessary for controlling, making new connections, participating in some exams and the most important one living and educating in a foreign country. In addition to basic requirements of language learning you should also consider the four skills. This article attempts to present useful and efficient methods in order to improve speaking skill. Students are aware of importance of proper methods of learning in order to make connections and always try to find appropriate ways in order to make progress one of which is participating in speaking courses. One of the best institutes which provides speaking courses is Malekpour Institute of Education (MIE) that takes advantage of expert and experienced English department and an efficient new method to help students to improve their English language knowledge.

At first it must be considered that developing speaking skill gives the student the chance of producing and practicing new patterns orally. Doing some exercises that will be produced in the following, can develop your speaking skills. Among these are:

Oral drills: these exercises are playing a very important role in process of learning in MIE and creating new patterns are emphasized by repetition and doing these exercises which make English learning enjoyable for students, moreover the students can use practiced patterns in real situations.

Repeating a text which you have just listened or appropriate way of using short stories is one of the most vital parameters in learning English and the necessity of this method is clear by unique and effective method of Dr. Malekpour. In this way, both listening and speaking skills are strengthened, because the students by listening and repeating the story can develop both listening and speaking skills at the same time. The other that must be mentioned is watching movie and repeating the sentences, which by this method students by repeating the sentences besides creating new patterns, can improve their accent, accuracy and fluency. In this way both American and British accent will be improved.

Those who are IELTS applicants and intend to educate and live in a foreign country must be considered in classes with this purpose, which in these classes besides what we have mentioned above should note that time-management skills and quality of the dialogue must be considered and also developing the grammar and vocabulary knowledge must not be neglected.

Firstly we will pay adequate attention to these hints and after that, students would take different English language skills at the same time. Finally it should be noted that you should choose the best educational system consciously in order to pave to way for you to achieve what you desire.