I was born in a family that their children educational success was their first Priority and this creates a strong incentive at me for learning, thinking about science and natural events, inventions and discoveries made ​​by scientists. Keen interest in high school and success in lessons led to an honor student and teacher interest and encouragement of my family and friends. Keen interest in subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics and a curiosity about their usages, created a lot of questions for me. Some of the questions were answered by my father’s gift that has a detailed understanding of my spirit. This gift was an electronic kit which by assembling it, a small radio was constructed that perceived invisible waves which produced a very interesting and strange sounds.

After passing entrance exam in electronical engineering and many related studies, finally the secret of radio electronic devices which was made during adolescence (IEDs) were discovered and lead to new incentives to design and build boards and electronic components industries in my career.

After graduating from Nushiravani Babol University with good grades, created motivation must be answered. So working in a small company was the first step after graduation.But after one year, because of lack of sufficient facilities and experienced people in the company, I decided to change my company. After searching, I found a new company which was working on huge industrial automation projects. I had been working in R&P part as a hardware expert in design team and making a especial industry computer, in this new company.

After a few years of working under supervision of a hardware experienced senior designer and learning and teaching different in the design, troubleshooting, Programming debugging, testing and getting a lot of experience and practical Working and enjoyment of the field of technology I realized that working out under dissatisfied  repetitive processes  and supervision of other manager was not satisfying .

Working in a team as a guide not as a simple expert and transferring my knowledge and experience to other people and getting new experiences was one of my desires, so I decided to change my condition and company again. I was encouraged by my colleagues and manger to accept the guiding of hardware designing team and I accepted the new position.  The new position was so challenging so a lot of time and energy were put on studying and research.  As I am self-motivated and  results Oriented, I have done it successfully.

after passing various tests and obtaining approval from reference laboratories, domestic and foreign, such as TUV ، hardware DCS as standard products in many industrial projects, such as control systems, power plants and water stations, gas pressure is used and now is passing also the new generation in Iran’s South Pars petrochemical refinery installation process .

Nowadays by development of science and technology and industry and need of energy and as a result of it, control and monitoring systems, functional management of human resources and increasing productivity, updating of knowledge and experiment by educating is inevitable. working at industrial atmosphere and huge project have an important and efficiency role at increasing experience, updating information and getting new knowledge through educating at master has especially important role, as improvement in job position ,management , guiding projects and human resources and increasing of quality and decreasing in cost can be obtained by educating in authentic university such as UK universities is essential. As UK has authentic universities and also has a long record in producing science and knowledge, it would be a suitable place for continuing education. I am eager and encourage to communicating with knowledgeable and Outstanding Professors whose knowledge are very close to my willing and aims of continuing education in master degree and I believe that while educating in UK universities and communicating with other students and professors and being in academic atmosphere, I can learn and will be successful in earning new knowledge and Important results.